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Save Time

 My Own Estate will save you hours of work and aggravation in organizing your estate - just fill in the pre-formatted fields.  

 Get started now on organizing your information, financials & document locations - once entered, this becomes an important reference booklet!


Commonly Asked Questions

How do I purchase My Own Estate?

Can I find My Own Estate elsewhere?

If I cannot use this booklet?

What are the system requirements?

Are you able to update the information?

Is A MAC version available?

How do I purchase My Own Estate?

 The My Own Estate Booklet is available in three different versions:  PDF View - Print - Pen Fill In format [Windows or Mac] - PDF Electronic Data Entry [Windows] - PDF Electronic Data Entry [Mac].   Each is available for immediate download, upon purchasing, through our secure server.

 Simply click on one of the Order Links - once purchased, you are taken to our download page for that particular version. Then download and save file to your disk.  Unzip file for Windows or MAC.  Run the executable file to install program on your Windows PC.

 The included Help.PDF file contains the required passwords to open the secure Electronic Booklet files.

 A new Tablet / Computer version has been introduced - our new E-Book file is designed to be filled in using your Tablet or Computer.

 All versions now include bonus Living Trust Checklist + OnLine Banking file. 

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Can I find My Own Estate elsewhere?

Not at the moment, we are looking at other distribution means for this important booklet in the near future.  Please let your friends know about this unique and economical way to organize your estate, financials, and document locations

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If I cannot use this booklet, what happens?

My Own Estate carries an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee.  We suggest you try our Sample E-Booklets, which are available for downloading - once you have had time to view and work with My Own Estate, then you can order the version that best suits your needs.  Click on the Samples or Mac link and download a trial copy.

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What are the system requirements?

The Electronic Version 4.0XP requires Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, or 10.0 operating system and Adobe Acrobat Reader 10.0 or Higher. 

 No 3rd party software is needed to fill in and save your data - it is now done in Reader 10.0 or Higher with our latest E-Books.  2017 version is now only $2.95! 

 *Windows 7, 8, or 10 installs in Program Files (x86) folder on 64 bit systems.  A new 64 bit version is now available - our download page contains the link.

 Our new Tablet / Computer version simply requires inexpensive app to be installed on your IPad, Android, or MS Surface system to open and fill in the PDF file and is only $1.95.  Help file lists apps for each tablet system.

Acrobat Reader may be downloaded from our Sample Download page.  We are authorized by Adobe to distribute Acrobat Reader.

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Are you able to update the information?

All Electronic versions of My Own Estate allow you to easily update data fields, then save the changes to your system.  Simply go to the area that has to be changed, then enter new information - very easy to keep your information current.


Is a MAC version available?

Yes - Electronic version is available through our secure server.  Our updated E-Booklets are in the Zip format for downloading and saving - when unzipped, your system will create a folder with the included files and extra addendum worksheets. 

The full Adobe Acrobat software or free Acrobat Reader 10.0 or higher is required in order to fill in Electronic Booklet data, then save information to your system.   This version is only $2.95  [Note:  Preview included with the MAC operating system does not allow saving your entered data.]

 Once purchased, you will be sent to our download page - there, you will be able to immediately download and save the Zip file to your system disk so you may get started organizing your important information.

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Revised: 02/06/17.


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