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 Your family and loved ones need to know your affairs - it is now easy to enter this information into one of our Estate PDF E-Books.

Adobe PDF Format

 The Print Organizer is only $1.95
 Our Electronic PDF Version 4.0 XP is only $2.95

  Both are available for immediate download and carry a 30 day money back guarantee - just click one of our order links above



A Financial and Estate Survivor's Guide For Your Loved Ones Is Needed!

Get Your Up To Date Copy Now | E-Books are Comprehensive + Easy To Use

  Financial and Estate Planners acknowledge that disposing of an estate can be made much easier plus less traumatic by simple organization and planning

  Letting your loved ones know where your information and documents are located will save them countless hours of searching for the needed materials to properly handle your affairs, when the time comes.

  No matter how simple or complex your affairs are, your family needs to know this information!  Today, having only a will is simply not enough.  As a bonus, we now include a free Living Trust Checklist booklet.

Properly creating your Estate Planning documents, you can:

  • Eliminate probate - which is a costly, time consuming procedure.

  • Minimize estate taxes to the fullest extent allowed by law.

  • Identify legal guardians for your minor children.

  • Establish a living trust for the benefit of your family or others.

  • Reduce family conflicts and assure proper distribution of your assets according to your wishes.

  • Reconstruct your financial records if necessary.

  • Reduce legal fees - your necessary information is organized and documented.

  • Eliminate the need for family members to make difficult decisions relative to your health care in the event you are incapacitated.

  • Discourage legal challenges.

  Our inexpensive My Own Estate Organizer and Planner E-Booklets are designed so you can easily document your information, finances and paperwork locations into the pre-formatted pages.

  Simply enter your information, electronically, into the sections and pages that apply to your situation, then save it.  Booklet information fields are comprehensive, making sure all your information is included - not overlooked and can be updated. 

 Once finished, it becomes an integral part of your estate, plus reduces your legal cost when setting up a living trust.  Your surviving loved ones should be made aware of its location, along with your other estate paperwork and identification.


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