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Estate Samples

 Sample file in Zip Format for downloading.

 My Own Estate is also available for Tablets - Format is a single PDF file + Help File

 Get started filling in your important information - just click on one of our Order Links - your family will thank you!

Acrobat Reader

 Download Version 10.0 below.
  Save file to a folder on your system - unzip it - double click the EXE file and installation will begin.

Reader Downloads





My Own Estate Samples | Tablets - Windows - MAC Operating System

 We have provided two samples that may be downloaded here.  Each booklet gives you the opportunity to preview and evaluate how the My Own Estate PDF Booklet is laid out and its ease of use. Our Comprehensive E-Books have been designed for:

  • Easily filling in your information into the preformatted data fields

  • Your important information gets entered - not overlooked

  • The locations of necessary documents and paperwork are recorded

  • Your financials get organized and entered into one booklet

  • Peace of mind, knowing your estate and financial information plus document locations will be known by your surviving loved ones

  • Easily organizing your estate and financial information into one location

  • Reduce Legal Fees - Information is Organized into a time saving booklet.

  • Burn data to CD or Thumb Drive + Print a hard copy for your family records

  • New: Free Living Trust Checklist, and On-Line Banking Log In data sheets included with all versions.  ID Theft file is included with Windows & MAC $2.95 electronic versions.

  Our E-Books are designed to make it easier and less stressful in dealing with your affairs, when that time comes - Get your copy today and start filling it in! 

MOE_1 Sample


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To Download

My Own Estate:  Tablet / Windows / MAC

 Sample Requirements:  Tablet with app that allows opening / viewing / filing in pdf files.  File may be open - filled in - saved. It is just a small sample of the entire My Own Estate PDF Booklet.  This booklet offers electronic data entry using the appropriate app on your Tablet or Adobe Reader on Windows or MAC system.


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To Download

My Own Estate Electronic PDF 4.0XP - Windows XP or Higher

 Sample RequirementsWindows XP, Vista, or Windows 7.0, 8.0, or 10.0 plus a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader 10.0 or Higher installed.

 Save download to a location on your system.  Unzip the file - double click open the MOE_4S_Setup.exe file to install sample onto your system.  Installer will create My Estate Sample shortcut with links to included files and folder.  See the Help_S.pdf file for full instructions and ordering your copy.

Once installed, click on the My Estate link - Fill in information - click on the Save Button and save it to disk.  Your data has now been saved and can be viewed or edited for changes or mistakes. 

 Full Electronic Version: 4.0XP includes: My Estate + My Company + My Home  [each multiple pages] + free Identity Theft Booklet with Affidavit Form and Living Trust Checklist.   

Sample Note:  You must have Adobe Reader 10.0 or higher installed to save entered information.  Uninstaller is included.


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