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 A Desktop and Start Menu Icon linking to My Estate files are automatically created in Windows Electronic Version.

Tablet Version

Make sure you have the proper app for opening / filling in PDF files installed.


 Please include your order # and what problem occurred.


My Own Estate Support Information - All Versions - Updated for 2017

  Windows users:  At a minimum, you must be running Windows XP or Higher and have a copy of the free Adobe Acrobat Reader 10.0 or Higher installed. 

  MAC users must have a copy of Adobe Reader 10.0 or higher installed - Preview does not allow entered data to be saved!  

 Windows versions of Acrobat Reader may be downloaded Here.  For Apple Mac, Click Here  Enter Mac in Operating System, then your Version.

  Tablet Users must have the appropriate app designed to fill in and save PDF documents.  Here are the recommended apps:

  IPad:  PDF Expert - Available in the iTunes store.

  Android Tablets: EZ Reader Pro or Repligo Reader - Available in Google Play store.

  MS Surface Tablets:  Adobe Touch Reader or FoxIt - Available in Microsoft store. 

My Estate PDF Forms Installed To Program Files Folder - Windows Versions

 My Own Estate PDF Electronic Data Forms are automatically installed to this folder on your Windows system: C:\Program Files\My Estate, which can be accessed using the Start Menu - My Estate shortcut.  Additional Folders with  extra worksheets and backup copies, are installed in this location: C:\Programs\My Estate.  A desktop icon is also installed.

 Data Files requiring sensitive information to be entered, are password protected for security.  See the Help_E.PDF for entering the required passwords.

Adobe Acrobat Reader 10.0 or Higher: Windows XP or Higher

 Software is installed to this folder: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat 10.0\Reader

To launch this required program - double click the My Estate Icon on your Desktop.  Fill in the form data fields, then click Save or click the Floppy Disk icon in the toolbar.  You may also click open the Reader Icon, then, then go to the Program Files\My Estate folder to access the files.

My Estate PDF Forms Installed On Tablet Systems   [IPad-Android-Surface]

Once you have downloaded your MyOwnEstate for Tablets, click on the download and you will be prompted for the app to open this file.  Depending upon the Tablet you have, choose the proper app [listed above] - this will open the PDF file and you will enter the required password.  [Password is listed in help file on download page].  Once open, fill in your information and then save the file.

Entering Your Information: Adobe Reader 10.0 or Higher

Information may be typed directly into these pre-formatted information data fields.  We suggest using the Tab Key to access and move between these fields. 

Once you have finished, then save the file following instructions below: 

Acrobat Reader 10.0 or Higher: Click on Save  located in the upper left corner under File or click the Floppy Disk Icon in upper toolbar. Note:  You may also use the Save As button to overwrite the file or save it under a different name that you have chosen.

Users may go back and change entries or update information at later date with these programs, then save their changes.  Note:  See the Acrobat Reader Help file for additional information or problems with that software.

Accessing Your Files - Acrobat Reader 10.0 or Higher

Just double click any of your My Own Estate PDF files and this program will open and load your file.   If Reader 10.0 is already open, you may access additional files by clicking on the Open Folder Icon.  By default, the My Documents folder will be in the Look In window. 

Go to Program Files\My Estate - click Open the My Estate Folder - now, all your data files will be shown in that window - files will have a .pdf extension.  Double click the MyEstate.pdf and it will open - ready to be filled in.

The mouse hand cursor will be transformed into an I in the form fields - the blinking cursor will be in each data entry field - ready for you to enter your applicable information and save it to your system.

Note:  Windows 64 bit systems will install program files in the following location: 

Program Files\x86\My Estate Folder

Apple Mac Version - Full Acrobat or Adobe Reader 10.0 or Higher Required

 My Estate PDF files are located in this folder on your system: MyEstate_E - there will be twelve files located within this folder. 

 Simply double click the MyEstate.pdf file - enter password - now your file will launch, ready for use.  The mouse hand cursor will be transformed into an I in the form fields - the blinking cursor will be in each data entry field - ready for you to enter your applicable information and save it to your system.  Note:  The PDF reader, Preview, supplied with MAC operating system does not allow entered data to be saved to your system.

Printing Data Files - All Versions

To Print your estate information entered - click on the Pinter Icon in tool bar.  A Print Options window will launch - the default setting is print all, which is correct.  In the Print Range section, you may choose to print all pages or select the pages to print.  The Print.pdf file contains instruction on duplex printing (Both Sides).

Saving Your Estate Information

Once you have finished entering all your information, we suggest that you copy your files to a CD or Thumb Drive and store in safe location for future reference - preferably offsite.  Please let your loved ones know where to find your valuable information and the passwords required. 

 Please make sure your files are secure.  If you prefer, once your files have been copied and verified onto a CD or Thumb Drive, you can run the uninstall program and remove copies from your hard drive.  To update information, copy file back onto your system, update it, then burn back on your CD or Thumb Drive [Note:  Windows will overwrite the old file and burn new file - you do not need the re-writable CD]

Should you have any problems, please contact us using the Support E-Mail link on the left - an answer will be sent within 24 hours.

Printing Adobe Sticky Notes - Acrobat Reader 10.0 or Higher

 Adobe Reader allows you to add Sticky Notes to your documents containing additional information.

  To make sure the information contained within these notes get printed, please do the following.  1.  Minimize all your notes  2.  Position notes so they are not covering any text.  3. Instructions on setting up your document to print these notes is located here  4. To Print your finished estate information - click on the Pinter Icon in tool bar.  In the window under the Properties Button, click the arrow and highlight Documents and Markup - it should be in the window.  5.  Now, at the bottom of your Print Window, click the Summarize Comments - you will be prompted with a pop up asking do you want text of summarized comments to be included in printed document - Click Yes.  

 Once this has been done, print your document and each Sticky Note will be assigned a number - an additional sheet will be printed with the text of each note next to its assigned number.   


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