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Estate Sample

 Sample file for IPad requires PDF Expert to be installed.

 Get started filling in your important Financial and Estate information - just click on one of our Order Links - your family will thank you!

E-mail us if you have any questions or problems.


2017 MAC / IPad Versions Available - Download and Try Our Samples

 We offer two versions of our My Own Estate Organizer and Planner Booklet for the Apple MAC - the full Electronic version requires Adobe Acrobat Reader 10.0 or Higher installed on your system.  System requirements are listed below - IPad version [MOE_1], requires PDF Expert app.  Both of our Electronic Booklets offer these features and more:

  • Ease in filling your information into preformatted fields - nothing gets omitted

  • Your important information gets entered - not overlooked

  • The locations of necessary documents and paperwork are recorded

  • Finances and Paperwork are recorded and organized into one Booklet

  • Three complete Booklets included: My Estate - My Company - My Home

  • Extra Addendum Worksheets provided in full $2.95 version

  • New Living Trust Checklist now included both versions

  • Easy to use Adobe PDF format - Opens in free Adobe Reader or PDF Expert

  • Save your entered data in both Electronic versions

  • Zip Format for MAC Downloading and Saving to your system

  • Free Identity Theft + Affidavit Form included in $2.95 MAC electronic version.

  • Peace of mind, knowing your Estate and Financial information plus Document locations will be known by your surviving loved ones.

  Our Booklets are designed to make it easier and much less stressful for your family, in dealing with your affairs, when that time comes. 



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My Own Estate PDF - MacIntosh or IPad - $1.95

 System Requirements:  Apple MacIntosh® and a copy of the free Adobe Reader® 10 or Higher installed.  MAC Preview does not allow saving entered data.

Files may be viewed and printed and is just a small sample of the entire My Own Estate PDF Booklet.  Electronic data entry is available with this version.  IPad tablets require the PDF Expert app installed to enter / save data.

 Save PDF file to your system - click open the MyEstate_ES.pdf - you may enter & save data within the sample booklet, to better understand how it will help in filling out your important estate information and document locations that your family will need.



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My Own Estate PDF - MacIntosh - $2.95

 System Requirements:  Apple MacIntosh® and a copy of full Adobe Acrobat® 8.0 or later or Acrobat Reader® 10.0 or higher installed.  Note: Preview supplied by Apple does not allow saving entered data.

 Sample files may be opened and filled in electronically, then saved to your disk and is just a small sample of the entire My Own Estate Electronic PDF booklet. 

 Save Zip file to your system - double click the it will create the MyEstate_MS folder - there will be multiple sample files + Help_M_S.pdf. 

 Double click on the MyEstate_ES.pdf file - when document is on screen, go to the My Name line - the Hand Cursor will now show as an I - this denotes that you may fill in your information into this form field and save it to your system.  Check boxes will show the Hand Cursor with the Index Finger - this allows you to place a check mark within the box.

  To save your information, simply click on File - Save As  This should open a window that shows the existing file - when you click the Save button, you should be prompted - click Yes to overwrite the file.  Now your information is saved within the booklet - when you open this file, information entered should be listed in applicable form fields. 

 These samples allow you to preview our Booklets and understand how it will assist you in filling out and organizing your important Estate and Financial information plus Document locations that will be needed by your family when the time comes.  Get your copy and fill in ASAP.


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