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My Own Estate

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 Give your loved ones piece of mind in dealing with your affairs and paperwork when the time comes.

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Updated January - 2018

Fill In + Save Your Financial + Estate Information Electronically

Tablet | Computer Version Now Available - Living Trust Checklist Included

 It Has Never Been Easier To Document Your Important Information

  Our Electronic Estate + Financial Organizer E-Book is designed for you to easily Organize and Document your important information, plus paperwork locations, into one simple to use Electronic PDF Book.  This unique Estate and Financial e-book allows for easy information entry on your computer or tablet with the ability to save plus update it as things change.  Windows, MAC, and Tablet versions available.

 New:  Our Tablet / Computer version of our MyOwnEstate is now available.  You can download this new E-Book immediately through our order pages - Help file lists free or inexpensive Tablet Apps required to fill in / save data on your IPad, Android or MS Surface tablets. 

  Our Organizer was created to simplify documenting your affairs electronically.  It has never been easier, nor more economical, to organize your information into one secure location!  Now that Holiday Season is over, get your 2018 electronic version and fill in ASAP while documents are still readily available - countless hours will be saved in dealing with your estate affairs, plus required paperwork locations.

 Click the Samples link to download one of our Trial Copies today!

My Own Estate Tablet Version

My Own Estate :  For Tablets or Computers 

 Designed for you to electronically enter your Estate, Financial, and Document information into our Digital E-Book on your tablet or computer, then save it.  Once finished, you can print a copy of your documentation.  The E-Booklet can be easily updated and is password protected for your security.   Now only $1.95

 Tablets require proper app to electronically fill / save.  Help file lists best apps for each tablet system.

My Own Estate Electronic PDF Version

My Own Estate:  For Microsoft Windows

 Designed for you to electronically enter your Estate, Financial, and Document information into the digital E-Book on your computer, then save it.  Once finished, print a copy of your documentation.  Our E-Booklets can be easily updated and are password protected for your security. 

  New Living Trust Checklist plus Free ID Theft Booklet included to help protect your assets.  Only: $2.95   

 Electronic Version 4.0 XP system requirements:  Windows XP or higher plus Acrobat Reader 10.0 or higher.  Compatible with Vista and Windows 7, 8, or 10. 

  New: Order download page includes link for the Windows 64 Bit version.

 Estate and Financial Planners stress to clients: Disposing of an estate is made easier by simple organization and planning, then letting loved ones know locations of documentation.  Our My Own Estate E-Book makes it easy to organize / document your information that will be required by your loved ones.  Get your copy today: [Available for Windows - MAC - Tablets].

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